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We are a stocking dealer on the brands listed.  If we don't have the bow you are looking for in-stock, then we will order it for you.  We are also authorized to perform maintenance and warranty work on all these brands.

We are proud to be an Authorized Dealer for the following brands.

Evolved Archery's Hunters Pledge

If your bow from Evolved Archery fails, for any reason, then we will get a "loaner" bow in your hands immediately.  This will get you back in the woods where you belong while Evolved Archery fixes your equipment as quickly as possible.

When you purchase a bow from Evolved Archery Warrensburg Missouri we want to make sure you are in the woods or at the competition, not holding a broken bow.  Things happen...usually at the worst time.  Strings pop, sight pens fall out, bows loose tuning.  Our promise is to get you back in the woods NOW!  Opening morning of Deer season, 5:00am on your way to the stand and you break a string. You will have our cell phone number and call...and we will answer...GUARENTEED.  We will come out of the stand at meet you at the shop.  We will get you a loaner bow and send you back in the woods while we stay and take care of your bow.

Evolved Archery LLC was created with the goal of supplying the best, most advanced Archery supplies available, so we could share our passion for this way of life."

Don Mayse

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When you're looking for the full service Warrensburg Missouri archery shop with the selection you want and the expert knowledge you need, then you have been looking for Evolved Archery.  For youth, sport, competition, NASP, and hunting, and bow fishing, you will find the right prices, the right selection, and the friendly and knowledgeable staff that you want.  We have four indoor shooting lanes for your convenience and pleasure.  Please stop on by and let us earn your business today!

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