Evolved Archery

Frank Aiuppa


Franks passion for Archery began at a very early age.  A life long hunter of large and small game, frank grew to appreciate the time he got to spend with his father in the woods. 

Later, Frank began to appreciate the sport of 3D and 5 spot archery shooting.  To consume the time from January 15th to September 15th he found that these "competitions" are great experience, great practice time, and just a whole lot of fun.  

It was the sport shooting that drove Frank to perfection with his archery equipment.  He carries that perfection onto each customer ensuring that they leave the store only when their equipment is functioning at its very best. 

Jordon Hargrove

General Manager

Jordon was raised with a healthy respect for hunting and fishing.  He is ready to help anybody at anytime get out of the house and enjoy the world.  From his first turkey hunting trip as a boy to his pure excitement of taking his daughter and son hunting now, he has lived by a motto. "Know your environment, respect your environment, and enjoy your environment.  If you don't enjoy it, then the other two don't matter."

Brian Mayse


Brian has been by his father's side since the beginning.  Sharing his fathers appreciation for hunting, he never misses an opportunity to get in the woods.  Always one to help coach a new shooter and help people just get involved, Brian will always go above and beyond to help you get what you need. 

"I thought that the best feeling in the world was when I was a young hunter and took my first buck. Now I realize that it was the second best feeling...watching my daughter Makenna take her first deer...amazing."

Don Mayse  1947-2015


Don has been hunting since he was four.  Raised in California, he has always found a connection to the mountains.  "Being in the woods brings me a peace and balance that is overlooked in the city."

Opening his first hunting related business in 1978, he has helped bring generations of hunters and sportsman into the great "passion" that is hunting.  By offering affordable equipment, extensive experience, and an undying passion for the wilderness, Don will continue to help more generations of hunters respect, appreciate, and enjoy the outdoors.